Site interface:  Custom, Modified or a Template?

This is an example of a medical devices company’s product info and sales site (when no extensive inventory engine is needed), suitable for a few products that do not need to be updated regularly by staff. It needs a maintenance contract for flash and Html5 programming to be updated. Quality imaging quoted separately. Site includes layered functions like pricing and info in multiple languages and user/password login so additional information an be accessed, for example, when a representative logs in (an internal sales tool and image/info function site can then be accessed).

Free template if 360LLC modifies an existing 360 template or other template. (Content creation, custom programming/scripting, and visual content per separate quote.)

To make a custom interface we need several meetings with you to understand exactly how you want your site to look and function. Your and our imagination and the budget are the only limitations.

To modify a template and have a professional look, we need to have access to professional quality visual materials or develop the necessary materials to create an overall professional look and feel.

We can perform medical macrophotography and studio photography.

We can also work with high-res MRI files and many digital medical file formats and digital X-rays, or create photorealistic 3D VR, virtual 3D products, virtual packaging, and medical visualization illustrations and animations. See CAD examples of products visualized—in a photo or video, or recomposed with animation.

SRI Super Realistic Illustrations—from packaging to precise medical devices.

We can render or animate CAD drawings and concepts. We make your CAD product drawing or idea come to life—and can integrate it into photos, videos and animations and web.


Natural Physics of organs and models’ motions

We can edit 3D models or custom build specific ones for you and entail your medical device/procedure inside. We can convert existing CAD production drawings or blueprints, then attach them to/into models at fractions of mm-scale precision.

We can show how it works, complications, physician instructions, etc. for FDA filings or sales support of how services procedures and product works. see animation based on censored physics.

Create your Virtual Packaging before the product is even available—use visualization as a pre-order product interest tool for different family brands! Get interest feedback!

• Check family brand consistency

• QC quality control for assembly and production

3D Visualization of a stent maintenance procedure inside a heart - 3D illustrations also can be animated to show product functionality

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