Corporate Informational 3D Flash Site interface:

uniform look with synergistic internal development

This is a template example of a clean interface for a company that needs images to sell different departments by utilizing impact photos and possibly videos in a logical trunk branch structure.

This type of interface allows cost-effective, multi-step implementation of various mixed media: videos, pdfs, slides, photos, blueprints online in  PowerPoint or Keynote presentations with options like password-protected sections, keeping competition out and your customers informed.

Template is Free if 360LLC modifies an existing 360 template or other accepted template. (Content creation, custom programming/scripting, and visual content per separate quote.)

To make and bid on a custom interface like this we need to meet with you to gain an understanding of exactly how your company/organization is structured and how its divisions’ or departments’ products relate. 

This can also evolve to be laid out for intranet internal use. Integrate the site to your sales force with their controlled limited access privileges into available inventory, a CRM (Customer Relational Management) database, orders, shipping and real-time production updates (by video streaming link to site).

To modify a template and have a professional look, we need to have access to professional quality visual materials or develop the necessary materials to create the overall professional look and feel.

Strategic and Tactical Site Planning. We can also create all necessary elements and functions you need in steps of implementation and mapped out when to deploy them uniformly at once.

This allows for growth and updates—without having to reinvent or redo your website, losing consistency and recognition—still updating by “skinning” major sections with visuals, keeping the core structure simple to navigate, core structure consistent still renewing the site.

We can also make certain sections updatable by your internal associates, keeping content current and anchored to your organization. In some cases we will train your personnel how to input into uniform templates with a corporate identity and pre-determined objectives and consistency. 

Your synergistic internal site development and site contribution. This includes update of product description, copy, pricing, as well as meta data and keywords for SEO functions related to specific products. Updates are all done without program knowledge. We have made an easy-to-do interface and report system that is integrated to the site. It’s just like updating an Excel spreadsheet.


Show progress on a video camera connected to your site—of an assembly/shipping store from a video stream

Photorealistic 3D figures, posing, making consistent visuals possible to update and evolve the site without reshooting. It’s like having your own “Cover-Girl” retained actor or animal.

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Custom animated 3D logo

Click to see animation in QuickTime