Maybe you need 3D Images that don’t exist

These are examples of impact interfaces and/or functionalities—futuristic visualization interface for a technology or futuristic fantasy website. Content graphics created in 3D program; interface in Html5,  flash, iOS, RIAs.

To create this we need several meetings with you to understand exactly how you want your site to look and function. Your and our imagination and the budget are the only limitations.

To develop the necessary materials to create an overall professional look and feel, 3D files and rendered files, reflections, texture bump-maps and lighting can all be animated with real or made-up physics, coordinated with audio midi events or composed into photos or HD video as realistic 3D.

We have created 3D images from conceptional descriptions on even a napkin! Anything is possible!

We always give you specific usage rights or unlimited usage rights of content we create for you.

In many cases we can use 3D elements or CAD  files to create visuals and cost-effective animation.

If using content elements created by others, we require usage rights in writing.

Photorealistic history props—water and wave physics. We can create realistic images based on historic references and drawings.

Fantasy landscapes: any sky or, clouds, wind physics in grass, etc. Tens of thousands of plants can be customized down to realistic motions of branches and leaves.

Fantasy creatures—with

custom bump-maps, gels and lighting.

Any material and texture is possible.

Imagination is the only limitation.

Fantasy vehicles example from

CAD 3d.dfx files

Fantasy performance by Animusic !

An excellent example of midi- triggered animation (Musical Instrument Digital Interface).

Photo-realistic models: animated actors, task and situation motion physics—hair, wind and audio synchronization effects, etc. . . .

Animated insects

and animals, with  behavioral physics in virtual reality—

from scratch or

as models with custom properties.

Photorealistic reflections rendering

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